The flipped learning approach completely replaces classroom training

Students have to learn interactive lessons with IBI self-pace learning - eClasses before the beginning of IBI Live classroom training - eConversations to collaborate with real teachers and peers for discussion, learning activities (educational games, quizzes, board games, jeopardy etc.) and team competition.
This process helps students to study reading, listening, writing and pronunciation skills whilst can write down questions related to their eClasses lessons, then get feedback 24/7 from the teachers at their own space or at least prepared to ask these questions in their eConversations. 

This flipped learning method aims to motivate students learn in proactive and efficient way at the same time develop their English across all skills needless attending classroom training. 

eClasses is structured scientifically based on the innovative combination between workbook method and repetition method to develop students' listening, pronunciation, reading, sentence structure, and writing skills. 


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Provide meaningful, efficient feedback

Get student work delivered directly, validate competencies achieved within project-based learning, and provide feedback to students across academic and social-emotional learning.

IBI mobile learning 4


Understand progress 

Track student learning progress, automatically incorporating data from blended learning and report.


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Why Is IBI Flipped Solution a Student-Centered Learning Model?

Student-centered learning engages students in their own success and incorporates their interests and skills into the learning process.

Personalized Learning Just Happens In a Proper Flipped Learning Framework

In order to support pathways, classroom instruction needs to focus on each learner and adapt according to their needs. By personalizing classroom instruction students will learn in ways that work for them, focusing on their skills and personal interests.